The One Measurement That Counts

I attended a business workshop and I was asked what the “Big One’ was for me. They were looking for the one measurement that ensures financial success.

The Gift of Time

Today I received the gift of 24 hours. I started my day with a short bike ride. Stationary of course, living in WI the weather is not always conducive to riding outside.

What are You Worth? Financially speaking…

If you have a business loan with the bank, chances are you have been asked to update your personal financial statement. Did you ever consider tying this exercise into your financial goals?

Spring: The Season of Hope

Spring is finally here in Green Bay. Winter may still come and go, but it will eventually turn into summer. My garden is turning green, a deep feel-good type of green.

Finding Your Magic in Business

When you can’t count on leprechauns or elves to create magic - you need to do it yourself. Magic happens when you work with the flow of life.

Watch for the Magic

Watch out - here come the leprechauns, elves, fairies and green beer. The month of March reminds me that magic is all around.

Working Smarter with the Right Clients & Offerings

Running a small business can be exhausting. It is hard to determine what to do next and what not to do. Reminds me of cleaning a house, it never ends, there is always something else to do.

Giving Love

I feel that the world needs a little love. With the health scare of covid, the rising prices of food and the divisive politics we are reminded of the dark side of life.

Are Your Financial Statements Accurate and Real?

Now is a great time to review the process in which your financial statements are prepared. This time of year, many businesses are gathering their records to prepare a tax return.

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