Giving to Charity – Guidelines

This time of year, I think of charitable giving. This is challenging at a time when more people are in need of assistance but fewer are in a financial position to be able to provide it. I encourage you to think of others if you are in a position to give. However, I want you to give wisely, thus here’s some guidelines to assist you.

Being Thankful for Fear

With Thanksgiving here, I found a quiet spot to think about what I am grateful for. The usual list came up - sunshine, clean water, a refrigerator full of food, my great health, my loving family, my husband’s love, having my own special someone to love, among many other things. As I looked back, I realized that I have fear to be thankful for. Fear is a great motivator. Fear is a warning sign. I don’t change unless the pain is great enough.

Manage Your Tax Bill – Small Business Tax Planning

This year has been crazy for business owners. Some have too much to do and many others were closed down. Small Business Owners put blood, sweat and tears into their business every day. Now is the time to plan to understand and minimize your tax bill.

Scary No. Magical Yes!

I am tired of all the fear in society today. Halloween is supposed to be scary. Usually it’s ghosts, goblins and someone chasing someone with a chainsaw. This year we have Covid 19 and the Presidential election. I want to erase the scary and find the magic for this Halloween season.

Are You Looking for Financial Freedom? Or Financial Success?

Just because you have money, does not mean you have financial freedom or financial success. It is much more than just having money or assets.

Did You Pass the Test?

I feel like the last 6 months have been a test. A test of my health – healthy enough to not get sick? A test of my business – financially strong enough and able to adapt enough to pass? A test of my mental fortitude – mentally strong enough to stay positive?

Taking Stock of Your Financial Health

Financial security is important for today and tomorrow. Do you dream of financial freedom? Or to live on the beach when you retire? How close are you to your dream? To find out – start with creating your own personal financial statement.

Moving from Hope to Purpose

I recently had a bad day. All I wanted to do was to crawl in bed and shut out the world. Nothing big happened, it was just little things overwhelming me. Thankfully it was a Friday and I had a time to work it out.

Preparing for Change

Change has been a constant the last few months. Being forced to stay home, forced to wear a mask and forced to limit contact are ...

Take Care

As COVID 19 closes schools, limits medical resources and is making nursing homes risky, society is relying on more help from ...

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