Raising a Packer Fan

Football has been part of Green Bay, WI for 95 years. The first Packer – Bear game was in 1921. Green Bay won their first NFL title in 1929. Green Bay is the smallest city to have an NFL team. Throughout the many years the residents have created a fan culture that has seeped into our very core. For those growing up in Green Bay it is difficult not to be a Green Bay Packer fan.

The Gift of Time

As a business owner, time is one of our greatest resources. Each of us is given only 24 hours a day. During the holidays time seems to be in short supply. Alongside the everyday activities of work, family and taking care of yourself – we add extended families, overnight guests, celebrations, giving gifts and creating memories. The list never seems to end.

Who Moved My Healthcare?

Confusion and frustration abound, as we wait and see what will or will not happen with the new Affordable Care Act. The complexity and immense impact of this new law will affect every American. It is rearranging our current health care system.

Gratitude and Appreciation

Last year I started a new type of daily journaling. Every evening a write down 5 accomplishments, something I am grateful for and something I appreciate. The accomplishments are fairly simple. I struggle with that one thing that I am grateful for and another thing that I appreciate. I have actually looked up the definition. I still get confused.

An Attitude of Gratitude

Do you have a list of your blessings? Is your glass half-full or half empty? Do you focus on what you do not have or what you do have?

A Fairy Tale – Financial Statements

Through education and experience, I have learned the language of numbers, thus the balance sheet and income statement always tell me a story. It may be a short story or it could be lost within pages and pages of number, but there is always a story. The stories are usually not as exciting or entertaining as a comedy, a horror movie or a romance novel, but they can tell you a lot if you are looking.

The Cost of Free

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of cost is “the price of something; the amount of money that is needed to pay for or buy something; something that is lost, damaged or given up in order to achieve or get something.”

Living Life Upside Down

My life is made up of habits. I have a routine for the everyday tasks. Every morning I brush my teeth, make my bed, put the right shoe on first and grab breakfast as I walk out the door. I developed this routine over the years. My habits reduce my time dealing with the mundane decisions of life. But once established, it is difficult to step away from these habits.

Setting Prices: Is it Enough or too Little?

If we set it too high – will customers walk away? If we set it too low – will we leave money on the table? The two most common ways I see it done is to; base your price on what everyone else is charging or charge based on your cost. However as a customer we really don’t care what your cost is – we pay for something based on the value that we believe we are receiving.

School is in Session!

Who hoo, school is in session! The kids are back in school. Today, this time of year is anticlimactic for me. Between Steve and I, our 5 kids, have 10 degrees – 5 bachelors, 3 masters and 2 doctorate degrees. Our kids are finally done with their formal education.

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