The curtain is rising, but the play has not been written yet. I just celebrated my 60th birthday and 15 years at FOCUS CPA. I read about a concept of dividing your life into 3 Acts. Our life expectancy is about 90 years – so each act lasts 30 years. This month I am starting my Act III.

Protecting Your Small Business from Fraud

Every business, both big and small, is at risk for fraud. It can start with a trustworthy employee that runs into financial trouble. While they are working, they pocket cash from the till, they pay themselves extra hours or pay their personal bills with company funds and no one sees it. They rationalize their actions by telling themselves that they deserve it or it is just a loan. This can continue for years.


Ahhh. I just got back from San Diego, CA. I attended a conference and learned some new things. I also took time to relax touring the city and visiting with family. They say that all work and no play is not good for the soul. Taking vacation is a great time to revive your soul and spice up life.

How to Avoid a Tax Disaster with Hobby Income

For many people hobbies are a source of income. From crafts, eBay sales, soap making, playing in a band to selling Mary Kay, these activities can be sources of both fun and finances. It is a great way to test your ideas and determine if you have a business opportunity.

The Underdog

The definition of an underdog is “a competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest.” A person starting a new business is a perfect example of an underdog. Statistics show that a new business has a 50% chance of survival. Fifteen years ago, I started Focus CPA. My passion for what we do and my vision has carried me through the years. We have encountered many challenges: too much or too little work, over staffed or under staffed, struggled to comply with regulations and not enough cash at times. It is like riding a roller coaster with all its ups and downs and swerves, some more gut wrenching than others. It is a constant challenge, challenges that engage the heart. Despite the challenges, I love what I do.

Why Are We Here

I am a strong believer in the American dream of owning your own business. I believe that those who want to be successful business owners can be.

Life is Good

People who have good health have many dreams; those that are struggling with their health have only one – to be healthy. My life is good so I have many dreams.

Keeping Your Bucket Full – A Process to Improve Profits

Like a bucket of water full of holes – your business has areas that can leak profits. However if you do not have the sales coming in – then you may not be holding the bucket under the faucet or you missed the rainstorm.

The Storm is Over

Whew! Tax season is finally over. This one came at full force with the new tax law, new staff and bringing on new clients. The IRS shutdown didn’t help. The big wave was the release of the final regulations in February on the major tax law passed in December 2017. Our tax software was updating almost every day. We are finally coming up for air.

Improve Your Cash Flow with Reoccurring Sales

Can you imagine waking up knowing that your business will cash flow that day? It is possible. Removing that stress will release your energy to do great things! Does it Sound like a miracle to you? Maybe it doesn’t happen in your industry. Take a close look around. Reoccurring sales abound! Many are Subscriptions and membership programs such as Amazon’s “subscribe and save” feature, Cellphone service, online storage, magazines and even meals.

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