Setting Prices: Is it Enough or too Little?

If we set it too high – will customers walk away? If we set it too low – will we leave money on the table? The two most common ways I see it done is to; base your price on what everyone else is charging or charge based on your cost. However as a customer we really don’t care what your cost is – we pay for something based on the value that we believe we are receiving.

Do You Focus on Opportunities or Obstacles

I am in the process of organizing a seminar series. I made my basic decisions such as target audience, when to offer it, the various topics, and the format. While I laid out my time line and list of action items – my mind starts to wander. That little voice inside my head starts whispering – will anyone show up? Can I deliver? Will people find value? Am I charging too much? Will this format work the best? etc.

What’s Holding You Back?

Last December I was frustrated. I was working hard but things didn’t seem to be happening. I felt as if my work world was standing still. I was accomplishing things but it couldn’t feel the progress that I wanted to make. Recently I ran across a list of items that could be holding me back. They may also be holding you back as well.

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