Living Life Upside Down

My life is made up of habits. I have a routine for the everyday tasks. Every morning I brush my teeth, make my bed, put the right shoe on first and grab breakfast as I walk out the door. I developed this routine over the years. My habits reduce my time dealing with the mundane decisions of life. But once established, it is difficult to step away from these habits.

Setting Prices: Is it Enough or too Little?

If we set it too high – will customers walk away? If we set it too low – will we leave money on the table? The two most common ways I see it done is to; base your price on what everyone else is charging or charge based on your cost. However as a customer we really don’t care what your cost is – we pay for something based on the value that we believe we are receiving.

School is in Session!

Who hoo, school is in session! The kids are back in school. Today, this time of year is anticlimactic for me. Between Steve and I, our 5 kids, have 10 degrees – 5 bachelors, 3 masters and 2 doctorate degrees. Our kids are finally done with their formal education.

Do You Focus on Opportunities or Obstacles

I am in the process of organizing a seminar series. I made my basic decisions such as target audience, when to offer it, the various topics, and the format. While I laid out my time line and list of action items – my mind starts to wander. That little voice inside my head starts whispering – will anyone show up? Can I deliver? Will people find value? Am I charging too much? Will this format work the best? etc.

Dog Days of Summer

Hi there! Are you warm enough? We are experiencing the dog days of summer. Technically this refers to a one to two month time period in which the Dog Star, rises and sets with the sun, shining during the daylight hours and staying hidden at night.

Your American Dream

When the United States was founded it was built with the hope of a new start. A place where one could create their own life and pursue their path to achieve their goals. The American dream was alluded to in our Declaration of Independence.

Celebrate America!

The land of the free and the brave. July is a great time to remember where we live and what we have. Those who signed the Declaration of Independence along with our many soldiers have paid a price for America’s freedom, a freedom that we enjoy today.

Emergency Plan or Fate

Many years ago my neighbor, an attorney, who had his own practice, was stung by a bee. For some people this would be a minor pain, however in this case he was allergic to bees. The rescue squad just minutes away, did not arrive in time to save him.

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