What Will Your Legacy Be?

My first thoughts of leaving a legacy goes back to the will. How much money will you leave to family, friends or charities once you die. However, another more intimate definition of a legacy is the impact you leave on the world once you do pass away. Looking back into history, for some their legacy can be so special that the world is remarkably changed.

Your Legacy

Recently I sat in a meeting with a family who had lost the founder of their fast growing family business. During the meeting I was focused on business. After the meeting the sadness hit me. The founder should have been in that meeting. The energy, the drive and the laughter were missing. He lived his life to the fullest.

Will this Boat Float?

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Venturing into a New Business. In 2020 it was estimated that there were 800,000 business startups. Statistics only give a 50% of those a chance to survive over 5 years. The odds are against you. Personally, I have started 4 businesses. Three of them I would consider successful, but one was definitely not.

Time for an Adventure

Lately I have been feeling tired and lacking excitement in my life. I am tired of being confined by a mask, by cold weather and by work. I am tired of the constant news of sickness and death. Then I recall a remark I overheard that offered me a bit of hope.

Shifting Gears. Simplifying Business and Life!

Time moves quickly when I’m having fun. It also seems to drag on when I am bored or in pain. It is easy to get into a routine and forget why I had that routine and where I am going. As tax season comes to a close, my life shifts. For three months I focus on taxes, speed, repetitive work and meeting very strict deadlines. Then it stops and my business and I shift gears. I slow down, way down and focus back on the business. To make that shift efficiently I focus on a few steps.

New Growth

Spring is time for new growth in nature – just look around. The grass starts turning green, the spring flowers start rising from the earth and I hear the birds chirping. I know every year this will happen. It shows up slightly different each year, but I can count on it showing up.

Getting a New Reality

Recently I attended my son’s wedding. James and his fiancé, Stephanie, invited family and friends. It was very beautiful. During that evening I met many of his friends. Friends who are very successful in types of business that weren’t around when I started my career. Businesses such as medical marijuana, virtual currency, marketing, a million-dollar Amazon reseller, etc. Most were confident young men that live life to the fullest and do business in ways I was never taught, nor did I imagine. College trained me for a job not to build a business.

Love Your Business ❤ Bring the Passion Back

Remember when you started the business. You never stopped thinking about it and you were so excited to get to work. Then life got in the way. Challenges started showing up – customers don’t pay, the pandemic happened, staff got sick, etc. Here are some things you can do to bring the excitement, enthusiasm and revive the passion.

I Love My Life

February reminds me that our world evolves around love. Despite the anger, fear and hate that I see in today’s world when Valentine’s Day comes around, I think of love. I have a special man in my life, Steve my husband. We have been married for 24 years. Steve is a key part of my life. He is my rock and my cheerleader. Everyone needs someone like that in their life, to be accepted just as you are. Along with a strong marriage I have created other elements in my life that I love.

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